At Pets Domain we offer our customers an effective range of Bark Control Collars and accessories for purchase.

Our range focuses on humane methods of bark control. We do not stock static collars as they can permanently damage your dog, mentally and physically. Instead, we stock a range of products that use sounds and vibrations to help stop any unnecessary barking your dog may be doing.

However, due to different state regulations, we are unable to offer our range for purchase via our online store. It is best for you to contact your local Pets Domain store about what bark control options are available in your state. 


Things to consider when purchasing a Bark Control Collar: 

  • Bark Control Collars should not be your first option. Most unnecessary barking can be solved through effective training.
  • Dogs bark for many reasons, including: new situations, territorial reasons, gaining attention, happiness, as a warning or our of fear, stress or anxiety. Only if your dog is barking without reason should you consider a Bark Control Collar.
  • Do NOT use a Bark Control Collar on dogs that are in pain, deaf, have cognitive problems or a disease.
  • Consider your dog's size, age and their environment. Is it a high trigger environment, meaning that your dog has a reason for barking?
  • Is it your dog's personality? Is it their character or a bad habit?
  • Remember that some dogs bark more than others and most barking does have a purpose.

If you have already tried a more humane control and are still not seeing any results, our suggestion is to seek help through attending a few training classes or a school. It is our firm belief that proper training will resolve unnecessary barking more effectively.