Back 2 Nature - Small Animal Bedding (30L)

Fibre Cycle

Back 2 Nature - Small Animal Bedding (30L)



Made from 99% recycled paper, back-2-nature’s flatter and ridged pellets allow for moisture to be absorbed rather than sitting on top of regular bedding, leaving the most delicate of feet dryer and less prone to irritations from standing in wet materials.


With a flatter surface area, back-2-nature offers a safer experience for little paws and ankle joints as the pellets don’t roll around when hopped or scurried across.


Sterile at point of manufacture Back-2-Nature is low in dust reducing the irritations that occur from hay and pine shavings.


back-2-nature Small Animal Bedding and Litter can be composted once the waste is removed, but we recommend you check with your local council.


Suitable for rabbits, rodents, ferrets, birds and reptiles.


How to Use:

  1. Pour bedding 2-4cm deep into tray
  2. If your pet does not readily accept the new pellets, sprinkle some over existing litter and increase new pellets weekly
  3. For best results, remove solid waste regularly and stir pellets to aerate.
  4. Top up with fresh pellets as needed and completely replace at least once a week
  5. back-2-nature can be popped in the green bin but make sure you remove the waste first (we recommend you also check with your local council on recycling and composting).


*We also recommend you do not flush back-2-nature down the toilet.