District 70 - Bamboo Dog Slow Feeder Meringue (21cm)

District 70

District 70 - Bamboo Dog Slow Feeder Meringue (21cm)



Has your dog already finished its meal before you even turn around? And next thing you know, it’s gagging or barking? When a dog eats too quickly, it swallows air along with their food which can cause pain and discomfort or even more side effects. The stylish and practical BAMBOO slow feeder offers your dog a solution to eat at a slower pace.


Manage fast eating with a slow feeder

With the help of the interior indentations inside the bowl, your dog will have to put more effort into eating its meal. By slowing down the eating pace, your dog will gulp less and their belly will feel full much quicker which contributes to a better digestion. The slow feeder contains a silicone anti-slip bottom which keeps the bowl in place while eating. The stylish anti-gulp bowl is made of bamboo which offers an eco-friendly dinner plate for your beloved four-legged friend.


Reasons to love

  • Stylish anti-gulp bowl that fits any interior
  • Practical solution for dogs who tend to gulp
  • Made of sturdy bamboo material
  • Indentations encourage your dog to eat or drink at a slower pace
  • Dishwasher safe (no microwave)
  • Anti-slip bottom to prevent sliding on the floor
  • Heavy weight so very steady and durable
  • Suitable for dry or wet food
  • Diameter of 21cm