Feline First - Beaded Clumping Cat Litter (4kg)

Feline First

Feline First - Beaded Clumping Cat Litter (4kg)


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FELINE FIRST - Beaded Clumping Cat Litter (4kg) sticks together where a cat urinates. With its specially designed round shape, the Beaded Clumping Litter is formulated to resist attaching to the cat's hair and being tracked through the home. Clumping litter does not need to be replaced every week. Just add more litter as the level gets low from scooping. Every three to four weeks, replace the litter entirely and wash the litter box.



  • Reduced tracking due to spherical shaped litter which resists attaching to cat hair.
  • Lightly fragranced formula for cats (and people!).
  • Lasts up to one month.
  • All natural: safe for your cat and the environment.
  • High Performance Cat Litter, gentle and clean.