Fooey - Ultra Bitter Spray (473ml)


Fooey - Ultra Bitter Spray (473ml)


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  • Bitter taste discourages chewing, licking and biting.
  • Colour and dye free; won't stain.
  • Fragrance and alcohol free.
  • Safe for pets.

In conjunction with other training methods, the Fooey Ultra Bitter Spray is incredibly bitter in taste and therefore discourages any unwanted chewing, licking, biting or other destructive behaviours that your pet may display. Also very safe to use on your pet's skin to prevent any gnawing and/or licking at inflamed or irritated areas as the spray is pH balanced.

Fooey Ultra Bitter Spray can also be sprayed on plants to keep your pet away from chewing any non-edible or potentially dangerous plants, as well as keeping your garden looking beautiful.

Available in 3 different sizes.