Furwear - Dematting Rake (Large/Straight)


Furwear - Dematting Rake (Large/Straight)



SPECIFIC PURPOSE GROOMING | For Medium to Long Hair & Thick Coats


FURWEAR - Dematting Rake (Large/Straight) keeps your furry friend looking their very best. This rake is suitable for large dogs with medium to long hair and thick coated dogs. Make sure to hold the mat between your fingers to avoid any contact with your dog's skin. Use the Dematting Rake to slowly pick through the mat, gradually working your way towards the direction of your dog's skin. Do not pull or drag through the mat as this will cause your dog discomfort.


Use the Furwear Slicker Brush to remove loose fur once the mat is broken.


It is important to use the Furwear Dematting Rake carefully as the blades are sharp. Take extra care around sensitive areas, such as ears, stomach, legs and genital areas.