Furwear - Pin & Bristle Brush (Large)


Furwear - Pin & Bristle Brush (Large)



EVERYDAY GROOMING | For Medium to Long Haired Coats


FURWEAR - Pin & Bristle Brush (Large) keeps your furry friend looking their very best.This multi-purpose brush is suitable for large dogs with medium to long haired coats. The pin brush is designed to remove light matting and tangles from your dog's coat, as well as dirt and debris. The bristle brush is a great finishing tool that adds a salon quality shine to your dog's coat, stimulates the skin and also improves circulation.


The Furwear Pin & Bristle Brush can be used as a daily grooming tool. Using the pin brush daily ensures that your dog's coat is always maintained and free of tangles. However, the bristle brush should only be used once mats and tangles have been fully removed to be effective.


For more severe mats, use the Furwear Dematting Rake.