Furwear - Rotating Pin Comb (29 Pins)


Furwear - Rotating Pin Comb (29 Pins)



EVERYDAY GROOMING | For Fine & Long Haired Coats


FURWEAR - Rotating Pin Comb (29 Pins) keeps your furry friend looking their very best. This stainless steel comb is suitable for dogs and cats with fine and long haired coats. The pins gently rotate as you glide the comb through the coat to detangle and remove dead fur without causing any breakage. Designed to reduce catching and snagging while grooming means that less fur is pulled out from the roots, and it is much gentler on your dog's skin.


Combing works to separate fur, keeping your dog always looking freshly groomed. The Furwear Rotating Pin Comb should be used prior to bathing, as water will only tighten and worsen tangles, or after a long time spent outdoors to remove any dirt or debris.