Furwear - Rubber Brush Glove (2 Sided)


Furwear - Rubber Brush Glove (2 Sided)



SPECIFIC PURPOSE GROOMING | For Short to Medium Haired Coats


FURWEAR - Rubber Brush Glove (2 Sided) keeps your furry friend looking their very best. This dual-sided brush is suitable for dogs and cats with short to medium haired coats. Using this glove offers comfort and complete control to you as the groomer, as well as quality bonding time between you and your companion. It can also help in desensitising pets to grooming by simulating a patting motion.


One side of the Rubber Brush Glove has multiple-pimple pods that are ideal for removing your pet's loose and dead fur without scratching their skin. They also promote good blood circulation with every stroke.


The opposite side has soft and thin rubber bristles that are ideal for massaging and stimulating your pet's skin, either dry or wet. This side can also be used as a finishing tool to smooth out your pet's coat.


The Furwear Rubber Brush Glove can be used on dry or wet coats. When using dry, use a stroking action in the direction of your pet's coat. When using wet, lather shampoo with gentle and circular motions to increase the shampoo's effectiveness.