Pisces - Woodies Medium Tub (40pk)


Pisces - Woodies Medium Tub (40pk)


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Available in a 40pk tub.


PISCES - Woodies Medium Tub (40pk) are a very clean insect food for reptiles, fish and birds. They can be slowed down prior to feeding by placing them in the refrigerator for up to five minutes. Only feed enough that will be eaten immediately.



Woodies will remain live in the tub, but to keep them fresh and to live longer, replace the piece of carrot inside every few days.


Feeding Lizards:

These are a natural and highly nutritious food and can entice the most fussiest of eaters.


Feeding Fish:

Large cichlids and other large species love woodies. They can provide protein with beneficial roughage, which is often missing in dry foods. To feed, you can do this by hand, with tweezers or just tipped onto the water's surface.


Feeding Birds:

Many insectivorous birds will happily accept woodies as an interesting variation to their diet.