PRO PLAN - LIVECLEAR Adult 7+ Salmon & Tuna Formula Cat Dry Food

Proplan - Dry

PRO PLAN - LIVECLEAR Adult 7+ Salmon & Tuna Formula Cat Dry Food



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PRO PLAN - LiveClear Adult 7+ Dry Cat Food has great-tasting, outstanding nutrition in an everyday food with the power to reduce allergens in cat hair and dander by an average of 47% starting in the third week of daily feeding.

All cats produce a common allergen - Fel d 1 in their saliva. When cats groom, Fel d 1 gets on the hair and skin through the saliva, and eventually into the environment.

The key ingredient in PRO PLAN LIVECLEAR is a specific protein sourced from eggs. When cats eat PRO PLAN LIVECLEAR, the protein binds to the Fel d 1 and safely neutralises it in the cat's mouth.

By reducing active Fel d 1 in the cat's saliva, it reduces the allergen that is transferred to the cat's hair and dander when they groom, ultimately helping to reduce allergens in the environment.



Salmon and Tuna, brewers rice; dehydrated chicken (natural glucosamine source); whole grain wheat; poultry fat; minerals, vitamins, amino acids, organic acids and flavours (including calcium, phosphorus, sodium, chloride, potassium, magnesium, manganese, copper, zinc, iron, iodine, selenium, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, folic acid, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, choline, arginine,taurine, pyrophosphates, beta-carotene, liver flavour); corn protien;fish oil; dried Bacillus coagulans fermentation product and natural antioxidants.


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