Royal Canin - Educ Training Treats (50g)

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Royal Canin - Educ Training Treats (50g)



ROYAL CANIN - Educ Training Treats (50g) are a great reward for your puppy or adult dog. These educational training treats are tasty and help make training a fun and rewarding experience. 


Educ Training Treats are small, convenient sized kibble-shaped pieces, which means you can train your puppy or dog on the go. They are also low in calories, so you don't have to worry about ruining your canine companion's appetite.


Recommended for Puppies and Adult Dogs:

Mini (under 10kg) up to 10 treats per day
Medium (11kg - 25kg) up to 20 treats per day
Maxi (26kg - 44kg) up to 30 treats per day
Giant (45kg+) up to 40 treats per day