SavourLife - Dental Bars for Medium/Large Dogs (5pk)


SavourLife - Dental Bars for Medium/Large Dogs (5pk)


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SAVOURLIFE - Dental Bars for Medium/Large Dogs (5pk) - scientifically designed to be the perfect addition to your dog’s dental health routine. The unique, triple-ridge design delivers double the cleaning grooves and helps clean teeth and gums, reduce plaque and freshen breath, by gently cleaning teeth and massaging gums. Made in Australia, with a focus on natural ingredients including real Australian Kangaroo, SavourLife’s Natural Dental Bars are gluten free and contain no artificial flavours or colours.


They are enriched with 19 vitamins and mineral plus Vitamin C and Zinc; which together may help reduce plaque and tartar formation, support healthy gum tissue and control bad breath. As added benefits they also contain mint and parsley, known breath fresheners and are also low in fat and salt. With a taste that dogs love, they are designed for daily consumption. They’re a perfect complement to a complete oral care routine to give your dog the best dental hygiene and the freshest breath!