Fish are beautiful animals and come in a wide range of species. To ensure your fish stay happy and healthy, great love and care is needed.


Setting Up Your Aquarium
Before you can set up an aquarium you will nCaring for your fisheed to make sure you've got all the right equipment. A tank, filter, de-chlorinator, a pH kit, ornaments, and gravel are needed. Make sure the tank, ornaments and gravel are rinsed with cold water, and no detergents are used. Place your tank in a draft free spot, away from direct noise, heaters or air-conditioners, and away from direct sunlight. Sunlight is the most common cause of algae in water. Fill the tank up with cold, clean tap water and add de-chlorinator. Do a pH test and adjust pH levels according to the kit. A filtering system should be set up in the tank in order to keep the water clean. Finally add in your gravel and ornaments.

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Adding Fish To Your Aquarium
Successfully adding fish to your aquarium requires time and patience. It is best to start with just a few cheaper and hardy fish, as the first few weeks after set-up the fish are more prone to dying. After purchasing your fish, take them straight home as the water temperature in the bag can alter and oxygen is limited. Place the bag in your tank and let it sit for roughly 20 minutes, then slowly add in aquarium water to the bag every five minutes. After about 30 minutes, use a net to transfer the fish from the bag to the aquarium. Do not tip the water in the bag into the aquarium as it will alter the pH levels. Keep the aquarium lights off for about a week until your fish look settled in and healthy. More fish can be added at this stage.

Nutrifin max fish food
Feeding Your Fish
Your fish should be fed about 2 times a day. Sprinkle a small amount of fish food in the aquarium and wait till it's all eaten. Repeat this 3-4 times in one feeding session. Many people over feed their fish which results in them becoming overweight and also contributes to a poor tank environment.

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Maintaining Your Aquarium
For your fish to live a happy and healthy life, maintenance is essential. To prevent algae, keep the tank out of direct sunlight and have the aquarium light on no more than 8-10 hours a day. Regular water checks with a test kit need to be done on a weekly basis, and adjusted when required. Every fortnight it is advised to partially change about 25% of the water as waste, organic acid and ammonia increases.

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