Andis - RACD Clipper


Andis - RACD Clipper



The Andis RACD Clipper is a luxurious way to stay on top of light DIY grooming and give yourself professional-style touch-ups from the comfort of home. It features a maintenance free motor, a quiet operation, a compact design, and interchangeable blade functionality so you keep your blades sharper for longer.

With six attachment combs and two blade size options, don't be surprised when you find the perfect look for your single to medium-coated breeds.


Key Features:

  •  Push -button blade release for easy interchanging of blades
  • Comes with 2 different detachable blades for more precise
  • 6 Attachment combs

    Breed Suitability:

    Suitability for at-home touch ups on single to medium coated breeds.


    Breed Examples:

    Cavalier, Maltese, Papillon, Shih Tzu, Small Terriers, Pomeranian


    Kit Includes:

    • Soft Zippered Case
    • RACD Detachable Blade, size 10
    • RACD Detachable Blade, size 7FC
    • 6 Attachment Combs
    • Blade Guard
    • Blade Oil