Breeding Box - Lovebird (8 x 9 x 10.5in)


Breeding Box - Lovebird (8 x 9 x 10.5in)



Suitable for lovebirds

Dimensions: 8 x 9 x 10.5 inches


Breeding Boxes are a great way to encourage birds into your garden all year round. For hobbyists or professionals alike, breeding boxes allow you the simple pleasure of watching birds nesting and hearing the wonderful sounds they bring to your property.

An important aspect of hosting a successful breeding box is the location and maintenance of the home. A couple of tips for finding the best location to place your breeding box are:

  • Make sure there is a clear flight path to the nest without any foliage or clutter in front.
  • Favour the shade as most baby birds are not able to properly regulate their body temperature and need all their energy to grow big and strong.
  • Ensure that it is placed in a spot that no felines can reach.
  • Most birds like to be hidden amongst the trees, so finding a nice spot amongst some greenery is a great place for your breeding box.
  • Pick a nice and quiet spot away from noise, other breeding boxes, bird feeders or bathing locations.
  • The height that your breeding box should be placed is dependent on the different species that you wish to attract and can range anywhere from 1-5 metres from the ground. It is best to research this based on what you are hoping to achieve.

Avoid going near the box too often or disturbing the occupants. When setting up your nest, it is recommended to place a small amount of bird bedding materials such as feathers, fibres, or materials in the base of the box. Birds may remove this when they settle and begin their own nesting.


Cleaning & Maintenance

It is essential that you maintain a clean and sanitary bird house for the health and wellbeing of the birds that occupy it. If your bird house is not maintained, they can harbour bacteria, fungus, insects, or rodents that can spread harmful disease to the birds.

It is best to only remove your breeding box once all birds have stopped using it, outside of the breeding season.

It is recommended to follow the below steps to ensure that your breeding box is kept in good condition:

  • Open the bird box partially to make access easier.
  • Clean out all matter from inside the house, including all old bedding materials, faeces, or clumped matter. Remember to dispose of these carefully to avoid spreading any parasites or disease they might hold.
  • Scrub the breeding box with an extremely weak bleach solution, ensuring that all corners and areas have been wiped down. Do not use any insecticides or flea powder.
  • Rinse the entire house with clean, preferably boiling water to remove all traces of bleach that could be harmful to birds.
  • Leave the house out, with the lid open until it has fully dried.
  • Check the quality of the house is still in good condition before repositioning in its spot.


Made from wood.