Kumfi - Safety Muzzle (Large)

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Kumfi - Safety Muzzle (Large)



The Kumfi Safety Muzzle is comfortable, easy to fit, fully adjustable and designed to prevent chewing, barking and aggression. In addition to safety, it also has a calming effect on most dogs and will help to make walking and training your dog more enjoyable.


Fitting Tips

    1. Release the snap fastener and adjust the back strap.
    2. Distract your dog by having someone stand in front of them offering a treat.
    3. Stand or kneel behind your dog and place the muzzle over their nose and mouth.
    4. Fasten the snap fastener and then adjust by pulling the end piece of fabric to ensure the fit required (See Training Tips). Ensure that the Safety Muzzle is secure but comfortable for your dog.
    5. Pause for a second and then get your dog’s attention with a treat.
    6. Take the muzzle off by releasing the snap fastener and reward your dog with a treat.
    7. Repeat this process until your dog is familiar enough with the muzzle to allow it to be fitted without any resistance.


    Size Guide

    • EXTRA LARGE – 35cm
    • Suitable for Labrador, Dalmation, Doberman and similar sized breeds

    Measure around the muzzle just below the eyes.


    Training Tips

    • Depending on the application, the Safety Muzzle can be adjusted so it is either a snug or a loose fit. Generally, a snug fit is better for aggression or biting problems, whereas a loose fit is better for other behavioural problems such as chewing or barking.
    • Practice fitting the Safety Muzzle under different circumstances or in unfamiliar locations. To allow easy fitting in the long term, reward your dog with a treat whenever the muzzle is fitted and taken off. It will then associate the process to the praise it has been given.
    • For easy transportation, the Safety Muzzle can be folded and carried in a bag or pocket.
    • For control and safety purposes, it is recommended that the Control Head Collar or Stop Pull Harness is fitted over the Safety Muzzle and used in conjunction with the Control Half Check Collar.



    • Always check that the Safety Muzzle is in good condition before use.
    • Your pet should never be left unattended whilst wearing the Safety Muzzle even if it is accustomed to wearing it.
    • The Safety Muzzle should only be used as a temporary restraint. Incorrect fitting or prolonged usage can effect a dog’s natural ability to cool itself through panting. Vomiting with any muzzle can also be a danger.
    • Extra care should be taken on hot days. Your dog should not be left in direct sunlight for prolonged periods whilst wearing the Safety Muzzle especially in cars.