Kumfi - Safety Muzzle (X-Large)

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Kumfi - Safety Muzzle (X-Large)



The Kumfi Safety Muzzle can be extremely useful at Dog Training Classes, Veterinary Clinic, Dog Parlour, for General Exercise or in the home.

  • Helps prevent barking, chewing and biting
  • Fully adjustable
  • Calms excitable dogs
  • Filling and training guide enclosed in packaging



  • Dogs should be supervised at all times when they are wearing muzzles.
  • Great care should be taken on hot days. Dogs should not be left in direct sunlight with or without a muzzle and especially in a vehicle.


Fitting Tips

  • Over maximise the back strap to ensure it will fit.
  • It is important that the Safety Muzzle is introduced gradually and with care.
  1. The muzzle should be placed over the muzzle of the dog with the handler standing behind the dog possibly initially with someone holding a treat in front to keep the dogs attention.
  2. Close the snap fastener and tighten the adjuster strap.
  3. Continue to distract the dogs attention from the muzzle.
  4. Repeat this exercise until the dog accepts and is accustomed to the muzzle. (it is not advisable to kneel down in front of a strange dog to fit a muzzle)


Size Guide

(measure around the muzzle just below the eyes)

  • EXTRA SMALL – 8″(20cm)
  • SMALL – 9″ (22cm)
  • MEDIUM – 10.5″ (26cm)
  • LARGE – 12″ (30cm)
  • EXTRA LARGE – 14″ (35cm)