Little Ones - Rabbit Run (Medium)

Little Ones

Little Ones - Rabbit Run (Medium)



Little Ones - Rabbit Run (Medium)

100 x 57 x 54cm 


  • One main door in the front with an extra-large access ​door on the top
  • Includes a platform, litter tray, bowl, ladder, bottle and hay tray
  • White base with white wire and white accessories


Little Ones understands that sometimes the smallest pets have the most love to give. Dedicated to caring for your pet, Little Ones aims to provide products specifically for your little friends. We believe that all pets deserve the best level of care. Based off research and collaboration with valued pet informants who have been in the pet industry for many years, our goal is to make your life as a pet parent just that little bit easier. Our cages were chosen with your pet in mind. With many different features and sizes, our hope is that you will find the perfect match for your little friend.