NEOVET - Kittens & Small Cats Up to 4kg (3pk)

Neove Pharma

NEOVET - Kittens & Small Cats Up to 4kg (3pk)



NEOVET for Small Cats and Kittens under 4kg will protect your cat from heartworm, intestinal worms, Lungworms and fleas. NEOVET all-in-one parasite protection is a monthly treatment that is highly effective at killing several parasites at multiple life stages. It protects your cat from heartworm, lungworm, fleas, gastrointestinal worms, NEOVET also kills the two parasites causing lungworm diseases in cats. It is fast acting, and rapidly affects re-infesting fleas within 5 minutes of contact.

NEOVET is waterproof and will kill the flea when they come into contact rather than waiting for the parasite to bite your pet. Apply to the back of the cat’s neck with the spot-on applicator. Safe for use on pregnant and lactating queens. Can also be used on ferrets.