Passwell - Red Factor Canary Seed (1.5kg)

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Passwell - Red Factor Canary Seed (1.5kg)



Red Factor Canary Seed should be available to birds whenever they are growing new feathers.

Supplementation only affects the colour of growing feathers, not existing ones, so colour change may not be seen until the next moult. It only affects canaries with red factor genetics.


This seed mix is fortified with the red carotenoid pigment canthaxanthin.

Process: Canthaxnthin is absorbed into the kernel of the seed, meaning it is readily consumed by the bird and available during feather growth.

Simple & Effective: Providing canthaxanthin in the seed is more effective than dosing drinking water, as it is non-messy, reduces waste and ensures optimum intake.


During primary moult: (summer-autumn)

Feed as 100% of the seed component of the diet, just prior to and during feather moult.


Rest of the year:

Feed as at least 50% of the usual seed diet. This will maintain sufficient levels of canthaxanthin in the bloodstream to account for any out-of-season moulting.
If feeding seed as the main diet, birds can become deficient in vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and amino acids, particularly when breeding. We recommend supplementing with Egg & Biscuit or Crumbles, which contain a balance of these essential nutrients. Also offer a range of fresh seeding grasses, leafy greens and finely diced vegetables.