Fireworks will be happening in most areas tonight. Don’t forget that there are often earlier fireworks at 9pm too.


Here are some helpful tips for your pets:

  • Don’t forget to get your pets in a place where they’re less likely to panic when fireworks happen.
  • Be patient if your pet freaks out. Don’t add to their stress by yelling or punishing, or even by being so ‘reassuring’ that you make the pet think this is a bad situation.
  • Try to distract and engage your pet on something different.
  • Make sure your boundary fences and gates are secure, and prepare for heights that could be jumped by super pets!
  • Ensure your pet is microchipped and has their collar /name tag on just in case they do run off. Often they run with such fear that when they calm down they don’t know how to get back.


All pets are individuals and obviously you know what’s best for your pet, but these are just a few things to keep in mind as we all get caught up in the thrill of celebrations.