We don’t need to tell you that summer is hot in our sunburnt country and sometimes keeping your pets cool can be a challenge.

Here are ten tips to help keep your furry and feathered friends comfortable this summer!


All pets will benefit from cool, clean water, which should be kept in the shade.

Ensure that the water is changed daily and that if you aren’t at home on hot days keep a sufficient supply for your pet to access.


  1. Be sure to walk dogs in the morning or evening to avoid the hottest part of the day between 11am - 3pm
  2. Ensure that your pet has access to shade
  3. Apply sunscreen if your dog doesn’t have a thick coat
  4. If you’re home, set up a play pool or turn on the sprinkler
  5. Bring your pets inside on hot days where they can be in an air-controlled environment
  6. If you own a little pet like a rabbit, guinea pig, rat, mouse or bird and they live in a cage or hutch be sure to move their enclosure indoors in an air-conditioned environment
  7. Provide a cool mat to aid in body temperature control
  8. Offer frozen treats to cool your pet down while keeping them stimulated. For dogs, look at freezable chew toys
  9. Add ice cubes to your pet’s water bowl to help keep it cool, alternatively, you can freeze half a bowl of water and top it up with cool water before giving it to your pet.
  10. Never leave pets alone in a vehicle