Have you ever wondered why there is so much superstition around black cats?

Black cats often get a bad rap and that has come from hundreds of years of superstition. You may be surprised to learn that not all black cat superstitions are associated with bad luck!

Superstition #1 - Black Cats are Bad Luck
We’ve all heard that black cats are supposedly bad luck, but did you know that it’s only when you see a black cat from behind and if the cat is walking away from you? Strange!

Superstition #2 - Black Cats are Witches in Disguise
Medieval folklore that associates black cats with witches has endured over the centuries and peaked during the Europe and American witch trials in the 17th century.

Superstition #3 - Black Cats are Good Luck
In many cultures black cats are thought to bring good luck. In ancient Egypt, black cats were held in the highest regard because they resembled Bastet, the cat-headed goddess of home, fertility and protection from disease.

Black cats are also considered good luck in:

  • In Japan, you’ll find love if you spot a ebony feline.
  • In Europe, black cats are a good omen for sailors to take on voyages.
  • In Scotland, you’ll come into prosperity if a black cat appears on your doorway.

Although these superstitions seem like innocent fun and old-fashioned folklore there is a serious side to them. The RSPCA has noted that there is a syndrome called ‘’Black Cat Syndrome” (the same for dogs too) where they are often the last animal to be adopted from shelters.

Let’s not let these old-fashioned beliefs taint our view of these dark and handsome felines.

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