Organic, clumping, non-clumping, clay and plant based. Which litters reduce tracking? It is easy to see why cat litter can get confusing.

So, which one is best for your cat? There are positives and negatives to all litters and Pets Domain is here to help with our Low Down on Cat Litter Guide.



Tracking is a term used to describe a cat litter’s tendency to get stick in your cat’s paws and claws and then ‘tracked’ through your house. Generally, the larger the cat litter, like pellets, the less likely tracking will be a problem.


Clumping vs Non-Clumping

Clumping cat litter, as the name suggests forms clumps when your cat uses the litter. This makes cleaning up quick and easy, as you can simply scoop the waste up. It also means that you don’t have to change all the litter every time your cat uses it.

Non-clumping cat litter, which is often in a pellet form doesn’t form clumps, but it does absorb urine and prevents odour by ‘trapping in’ smells. They are often cheaper than clumping versions and are also less likely to track throughout your house.


Here are some of Pets Domain’s most popular cat litters and reasons for buying.