ADVANCE - Sensitive Skin & Digestion Adult Turkey with Rice Dry Cat Food (2kg)

Advance - Dry

ADVANCE - Sensitive Skin & Digestion Adult Turkey with Rice Dry Cat Food (2kg)



Does your furry friend have skin sensitivities or digestive problems? Look no further. Fuelled with skin barrier nutrients, fermentable fibres and the omegas, this science-backed formula strives to supercharge their health, inside and out.

ADVANCE™ products are scientifically formulated to help improve cat health. Made locally from our home in the Central Tablelands of NSW by leading cat nutritionists for over 20 years.

A unique knowledge of the needs of Australian cats sees us sourcing and blending high quality ingredients to create a range of specifically tailored foods.

Key Benefits

  • • Promotes a healthy skin barrier to help support sensitive skin
  • • Natural colostrum helps defend against digestive upsets
  • • Formulated with an active ingredient that binds calcium in the saliva to help reduce tartar formation to promote dental health
  • • Omega 3 and 6 plus Zinc to maintain a healthy skin and coat with reduced coat scale
  • • A controlled mineral level and high digestibility promotes increased water turnover and a healthy urinary tract
  • • Fermentable prebiotic fibre supports digestion and a healthy gut microbiome
  • • No artificial colours & flavours
  • • No added wheat, whole corn, soy & beef



Turkey Meal; Rice; Maize Gluten; Chicken Fat; Sorghum; Natural Flavour (Chicken); Salt; Vitamins and Minerals; Dried Beet Pulp; Sunflower Oil; Sodium Tripolyphosphate; Antioxidants; Amino Acids (incl. Taurine and Methionine); Colostrum.