All for Paws - Dig It Rectangle Fluffy Mat

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All for Paws - Dig It Rectangle Fluffy Mat



The All for Paws snuffle mat engages your pet's natural instincts by giving them a tasty reward when they explore with their nose. It's a great way to keep your dog mentally healthy. Be present as your dog learns to find treats in the mat. If they try to lift or pull the mat, you can tell them to sit or use the 'leave it' command.

This snuffle mat is made of soft polar fleece, it can be washed in a machine, and it's easy to store. Snuffle mats benefit pets by offering both physical and mental stimulation. They suit pets of all ages, help slow down fast eaters, encourage their sense of smell, ease anxiety, and expend energy.

These mats consist of strips of colourful felt placed in specific patterns. To use, you hide pieces of food or treats within the folds of the fabric. Instruct your pet to sit, stay, and wait while you hide the food. Then let your furry friend search through the snuffle mat to find the treats.