API - Goldfish Care Pack (30ml x 2pk)


API - Goldfish Care Pack (30ml x 2pk)



API® GOLDFISH CARE PACK makes goldfish care quick and easy by combining the superior water conditioning of GOLDFISH PROTECT, which removes harmful chemicals from tap water, and the cleaning power of API GOLDFISH AQUARIUM CLEANER, which works to naturally break down fish waste and keep gravel clean by removing organic sludge.



Add 1 ml. for each 0.5 gallon or 5 ml. for each 2 gallons of aquarium water of both GOLDFISH PROTECT and GOLDFISH AQUARIUM CLEANER.


  • How often should I use API GOLDFISH CARE PACK?

This is an ideal product for beginning aquarists, and may be used weekly to ensure a safe aquatic environment for goldfish.