Aquasonic - Betta Protech (50ml)


Aquasonic - Betta Protech (50ml)



Water changes can be very tough on aquarium fish, often resulting in disease or even fatality. Betta Protech has been formulated to effectively assist fish with recovery after a water change, transport or handling.

Betta Protech replaces slime coating and makes fish feel well by providing a powerful vitamin mix including: B1, B2, B6, B12, E, and A. This enables the fish to fight off disease and start feeding again quickly. Use during and after transport, after a water change, after any handling of fish or simply as a vitamin supplement. Fungal inhibitors have also been added to help guard against infections.


Directions for Use:

1ml per 20ml for general use. For fish in a poor state use treatments as high as 1ml per 5ml to assist in faster recovery. For transport use general dose rates. 1ml = approx 15 drops.

To calculate approximate aquarium capacity: Multiply the length x width x water level height (in cm) and divide by 1,000 for litres.