Aquasonic - Bio-Trace (100ml)


Aquasonic - Bio-Trace (100ml)



Aquasonic Bio-Trace is an essential trace element supplement for marine aquariums. It contains a selection of trace elements found in natural seawater that are easily depleted within the confinements of a marine aquarium. Trace elements are essential for the health, growth and wellbeing of marine fish, corals and invertebrates.

Use Aquasonic Bio-Trace weekly for best results.


Directions for Use:

1ml per 50L each week. Use no more than once a week and do not overdose. Treatment may begin when the aquarium is stocked but not before. Regular water changes must still be made. A water change of 25% or more per month is recommended.

To calculate approximate aquarium capacity: Multiply the length x width x water level height (in cm) and divide by 1,000 for litres.