Aquasonic - Calcium-Sup (1L)


Aquasonic - Calcium-Sup (1L)



Essential for all marine life. Aquasonic Calcium-Sup is used to raise the calcium level of a reef system, quickly and safely. One treatment raises the level by approx. 50ppm. Natural seawater contains calcium levels of 380ppm but this level however may be depleted in closed circuit aquaria. Calcium levels of around 400 to 450ppm encourage the growth of hard corals and coralline algae. Molluscs, crustaceans and some marine plants will also benefit.


Directions for Use:

5ml per 20L raises the calcium by approx. 50ppm. Before re-treatment test levels with an Aquasonic Calcium Test Kit. Treatment may be applied in smaller doses over several weeks if required. It is recommended that a water change of 25% or more per month be made.

To calculate approximate aquarium capacity: Multiply the length x width x water level height (in cm) and divide by 1,000 for litres.