Aquasonic - Daily-Gro (1L)


Aquasonic - Daily-Gro (1L)



Real plants are an essential factor in providing clearer water and oxygen, they also reduce ammonia and can create a natural vibrant aquarium. Most plants are deficient in iron causing leaves to go yellow.

Daily-gro contains chelated iron, formulated to match optimum natural conditions.
Daily-gro provides the daily essential nutrients that are lost due to pH effects, oxidisation and filtration. In the natural environment these nutrients are available continually. Daily-gro allows you to re-create this continual supply of essential nutrients, that are normally lost or used up over a 24-hour period, therefore providing a healthy stream of nutrients needed by your aquarium plants every day.


Directions for Use:

Add 1ml per 20L of water daily to give a dose rate of 0.50ppm iron. Add 1ml per 40L of water daily to give a dose rate of 0.25ppm iron.

To maintain adequate supply of nutrients commence using Daily-Gro nutrient supplement 3 days after initial treatment with Basic-Gro.


For an accurate treament, test the iron levels in your aquarium with an Aquasonic Iron Test Kit to determine iron levels. Recommended iron levels vary betweem 0.25ppm and 1.0ppm. Maintain a minimum Carbonate Hardness level of 50ppm for plant health. Test levels using an Aquasonic Carbonate Hardness Test Kit.


To calculate approximate aquarium capacity: Multiply the length x width x water level height (in cm) and divide by 1,000 for litres.