Aquasonic - Iodine-Sup (100ml)


Aquasonic - Iodine-Sup (100ml)



Aquasonic Iodine-Sup is formulated for iodine deficiencies in reef systems. Iodine is essential for the wellbeing of zooxanthellae algae living symbiotically within soft corals and anemones. Certain other species of algae require iodine which is easily depleted by living organisms. Protein skimming may also deplete reserves.


Directions for Use:

1ml per 50ml each week. Do not overdose.
More or less may be required according to stock load. Regular water changes must still be made as this is the best way of ensuring a correct balance of seawater constituents and a reduction of possible toxic build up. It is recommended that a water change of 25% or more per month be made.