Aquasonic - Iron Test Kit


Aquasonic - Iron Test Kit



Growing Aquatic Plants

In the natural state some river systems plants grow particularly well. These are the ones with certain water qualities and constant supplies of nutrients. Water that comes from limestone areas or springs (usually containing high levels of carbonates and/or carbon dioxide) support high levels of growth and plant varieties. Ponds or billabongs that contain rich sediment also support certain aquatic plants, growing in and out of water. The river systems however, that support the type of plants most suited to aquarium application are the ones with sustained levels of inorganic nutrients, one of the most important being iron.


Plant Nutrients in the Aquarium

Iron is considered the most important nutrient for aquatic plants. Recommended levels vary between 0.25 and 1.0ppm. Total levels of 2.0ppm may be harmful to both fish and plants. Aquatic plants can only use inorganic nutrients while they exist in a non-oxidized form. This fact presents a major problem when feeding aquatic plants ordinary fertilizers, because water and dissolved oxygen will oxidize certain important elements within hours. Furthermore, some of the nutrients supplied in plant foods, chiefly phosphates and nitrates, are unwanted in an aquarium and would most likely result in an algae problem.


Aquasonic BASIC-GRO and DAILY-GRO have overcome the oxidization problem by specially formulating nutrients that only plants can use, nutrients made for aquatic application.