Aquasonic - Livebearer Conditioning Salts (15kg)


Aquasonic - Livebearer Conditioning Salts (15kg)



Livebearers originate from various habitats, such as rainforest streams, brackish swamps and even salt water inlets. Livebearers tend to become susceptible to fungus and bacterial infections from water changes, tank movement and catching fish.

Aquasonic Livebearer Water Conditioning Salts have been formulated to re-create natural conditions in your aquarium or fish bowl. It contains the correct balance of salts, natural minerals and trace elements, plus bacterial and fungal inhibitors, to promote health and wellbeing.


Use Livebearers Water Conditioning Salts with new aquarium water, when starting up an aquarium or doing a water change. Do not use with water used to top up aquarium evaporation. It will raise General Hardness by approx. 110ppm, TDS will rise by 690ppm and Salinity by 660ppm. Further addition of common salt is not recommended. NOTE: This may affect some aquatic plants.


Directions for Use:

  1. Add one level teaspoon (approx. 5gm) per 5L of water.
  2. Re-seal container when not in use.
  3. Do not redose without a water change.

To calculate approximate aquarium capacity: Multiply the length x width x water level height (in cm) and divide by 1,000 for litres.