Aquasonic - Magna Clear (1L)


Aquasonic - Magna Clear (1L)



Magna Clear will clear water in aquariums when water is cloudy or where gravel has dirtied the water. Ideal for new aquariums. Excellent for fish bowls. Magna Clear will assist filters in your aquarium to work more efficiently and also helps clear aquariums with insufficient filtration and bowls with no filtration. Magna Clear settles and collects suspended organic matter, which can then be easily siphoned off leaving your aquarium clear.


Directions for Use:

1ml per 20ml, (3 drops per 4L) for clearing cloudy or new aquariums.
1ml per 40ml for improved filtration or to settle suspended organic matter.



Dilute calculated dosage in a small quantity of water before dispersal into the aquarium. Airstones and filtration will help the dispersion. Only gentle agitation is required. Repeat if necessary after 24 hours. Do not use more than twice in 14 days.