Aquasonic - Reefoam (250ml)


Aquasonic - Reefoam (250ml)



Certain water conditions restrict the ability of saltwater to foam and this in turn limits the activity of protein skimmers to extract waste. Many factors could be at fault, from the calcium hardness of the water, excretions of certain inhabitants or the oil from a fish food.


Aquasonic Reefoam overcomes these foam inhibitors without affecting essential water quality parameters and creates ideal conditions for protein skimmers to remove waste.


Directions for Use:

5ml per 40L of water. More or less may be required according to the water conditions present. Aquasonic Reefoam is not harmful to inhabitants, however it should be used on a need to use basis. If a protein skimmer produces clean foam waste after using Aquasonic Reefoam, then the aquarium is clean.

Aquasonic Reefoam should not be used in aquariums without a protein skimmer.