Aquasonic - Strontium-Sup (100ml)


Aquasonic - Strontium-Sup (100ml)



Aquasonic Strontium-Sup is formulated for systems culturing marine invertebrates, especially live corals and coralline algae. Aquasonic Strontium-Sup assists in the calcification process of hard corals by aiding the passage of calcium across the cell membrane and onto the coral's hard skeleton.

Benefits obtained are an increased growth rate of hard corals. Coraline algae will also grow at the expense of less desirable algae.


Directions for Use:

1ml per 50ml each week. Do not overdose. Regular water changes must still be made as this is the best way of ensuring a correct balance of seawater constituents and reduction of possible toxic build up. It is recommended that a water change of 25% or more per month be made.