Aristopet - Cat Laxative Paste (100g)


Aristopet - Cat Laxative Paste (100g)



Cats and kittens ingest hair as a result of self-grooming. This hair may then accumulate in your cat’s stomach and form hairballs. Signs of hairballs are coughing, vomiting, gagging and constipation.

This easy to apply laxative paste for cats aids in relief of hairballs and mild constipation in cats of all ages.

The specially formulated flavour of this cat laxative paste means cats typically enjoy the taste.

  • Helps gently relieve constipation due to hairballs
  • Has a pleasant malt flavour that is readily accepted by most cats
  • May be mixed with food


How to Use:

For the average 4kg cat, squeeze 2-3cm from the tube. For smaller cats, vary dosage accordingly.

  1. Follow the directions on pack for dosage rates for the size of your cat.
  2. Squeeze the correct amount onto your cat's paw.
  3. Your cat will instinctively lick the paste off and it will go into their gastrointestinal system.

We recommend trying to use the paste every 1-2 days, and perhaps even more if your cat is going through a heavy moult.


Active Ingredients:

Soft white paraffin, Malt syrup, Lecimulthin, Cod liver oil, Caramel, Sodium benzoate, Vitamin E (dl-alpha-tocopheryl acetate), Purified water