Blue Planet - Stand for Glass Aquarium (2FT)

Blue Planet

Blue Planet - Stand for Glass Aquarium (2FT)



BLUE PLANET - Stand for Glass Aquarium (2FT) is a cabinet stand to fit the Blue Planet 2FT capacity glass aquarium.

This robust, well-made stand includes an enclosed internal shelf to securely contain your fish tank and a sturdy base to prevent wobbling and toppling.


Key Features of the Blue Planet Aquarium Stand:

  • High-quality, reliable stand suitable for Blue Planet 2FT glass aquarium tank.
  • Solid construction to ensure your aquarium is secure and pets are safe.
  • Inner shelf and rear opening allow cable access for pumps, filtration, and light systems.
  • Black finish for an elegant and stylish home accessory.
  • Assembly required.


Dimensions: 61cm L x 30cm W x 70cm H