Dan & Sam - Bamboo Round Tip Trimming Scissors

Dan and Sam

Dan & Sam - Bamboo Round Tip Trimming Scissors



The Dan & Sam Rounded Tip Trimming Scissors are the perfect tool to keep your pet trimmed and always looking their very best.

Ideal for most coat types, you can use these scissors to precisely trim around the face and underneath the paws and tail to keep your pet looking fresh and clean. The rounded tip is an added safety feature that helps to prevent the scissors from nipping the skin.

Remember to take extra care around sensitive areas such as their face, ears, belly, and genitals. The stainless-steel blades allow for a precise and sharp cut, achieving only the best results.

We do not recommend using these to cut out any matts. Instead, try using the Dan & Sam Bamboo Dematting Rake.

To help your scissor’s blades stay in the best shape, oil after use.