Dan & Sam - Life Jacket (Daring Shark)

Dan and Sam

Dan & Sam - Life Jacket (Daring Shark)



DAN & SAM - Life Jacket (Mesmerizing Mermaid) is the perfect solution to keeping your pet safe and confident around water and helping owners feel calm and relaxed.

Make sure your dog has the right gear for their swim.

Enjoy peace of mind on all outings with a Dan & Sam life jacket.

Suitable for many purposes, a life jacket helps give your dog confidence in the water.

The back handle is perfect for a ‘dog overboard’ situation or to assist in picking them up.

Designed for comfort and security, the Dan & Sam life jackets are easy to fasten and remove, with a D ring for any lead or tag attachments.


Available five sizes to suit most pets.



Our pets mean the world to us. At Dan & Sam we understand this and have developed a brand aimed at being the destination for the modern pet owner.

Our mission is simple:
To provide our customers with fashionable products with practical purposes at an affordable price. We aim to empower pets and pet owners, working to bridge the gap.
Our products are specifically designed to enhance the style and comfort of your dog or cat whilst remaining functional. We care intensely for our community and want
​everyone to feel included, making sure that fashion is achievable and affordable.