Dan & Sam - Reversible Puffer Jacket (Blue/Black)

Dan and Sam

Dan & Sam - Reversible Puffer Jacket (Blue/Black)



DAN & SAM - Reversible Puffer Jacket (Blue/Black) ensures that your pet is happy and warm.

With reversible features, our puffer jackets are not only practical in the colder weather but fashionable too!

Made from high quality stuffing, you can be assured that your pet will be cosy, comfortable and ready to brace the weather or snuggle up on the couch.

With details such as a hole available on the back for leash attachment and snap fastens under the belly, your pet is in no way restricted from their natural movements.

Our jackets are water repellent and perfect for either making a fashion statement or a more practical purpose!



Our pets mean the world to us. At Dan & Sam we understand this and have developed a brand aimed at being the destination for the modern pet owner.

Our mission is simple:
To provide our customers with fashionable products with practical purposes at an affordable price. We aim to empower pets and pet owners, working to bridge the gap.
Our products are specifically designed to enhance the style and comfort of your dog or cat whilst remaining functional. We care intensely for our community and want
​everyone to feel included, making sure that fashion is achievable and affordable.