Dan & Sam - Vegan Leather Cat Collar (Blue Hearts)

Dan and Sam

Dan & Sam - Vegan Leather Cat Collar (Blue Hearts)



A lovely and luxurious design, this collar is embellished with hearts and features high-quality hardware. Elegant in design and altogether lovely, this collar is the perfect addition to any cat’s wardrobe. Featuring ultra-soft vegan leather together with high-quality finishes to ensure your pet looks and feels their best.


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Our vegan leather range is made from 100% vegan (PU) leather.

PU leather is polyurethane; a thermoplastic polymer that is an imitation of real leather with many benefits. By using vegan leather, we can combine beautiful pastels and strong, intense colours with luxurious material. Vegan leather is easy to clean, which, when it comes to animals, is a massive bonus as they tend to like to get messy. Generally, all mess can be cleaned up with a damp cloth. Our products feature ultra-soft, comfortable vegan leather and high-quality hardware to complement the luxurious designs, upgrading your pet’s style in seconds.


Care Instructions:

To maintain the look of this product, we recommend that you simply wipe it clean with a damp cloth and pat it dry. Whilst the materials are water resistant, to keep the product looking its best, we recommend that you avoid salt water, and allow it to dry completely after wiping it down. This will help prevent corrosion and unnecessary wear and tear.