DINE - Creamy Treats Tuna and Prawn (12g x 4pk)


DINE - Creamy Treats Tuna and Prawn (12g x 4pk)



Effortless, elegant and supremely confident, cats are the masters of seduction. Their abundant natural charm is never more beautifully deployed than when they want something from you.

The DINE® brand includes gorgeous food designed to tempt the feline senses of both you and your cat, enabling you to turn your mealtimes into a delightful game of mutual seduction. This irresistible, silky purée creates the ultimate treating experience for you and your cat.

These gorgeous 12g treat sachets are designed for a novel handfeeding experience that will keep your cat by your side until the last drop.

Suitable for all cats over 12 months – adult and senior.


Tuna, Thickeners, Flavour, Prawn & Colour


Simply hand squeeze from the sachet. A unique and special experience that you and your cat will love.