Feline First - Keziah Cat Tree

Feline First

Feline First - Keziah Cat Tree



As much as we love them, we know that our cats can be demanding. Feline First believes in making your pet a priority. Their cat furniture focuses on bringing great quality, style and practicality. Each of their cat trees are unique, with the intention of providing pieces that fulfil the needs of your cats daily activities while suiting every cat lover and home. Each piece offers varying features such as platforms, scratching areas and cat caves to suit the characteristics of every cat and uses only cat friendly materials.

  • 40 x 40 x 135cm
  • Cat toy for entertainment and play
  • Elevated platforms and caves for comfortable resting and play
  • Cushion in cat cave for ultimate comfort
  • Ideal for scratching
  • 8.5cm diameter post with 5mm paper wrapping