Frozen Cyclops (100g)

Aquarium Industries

Frozen Cyclops (100g)



Frozen Cyclops (100g) is the perfect food for small mouthed ‘hard to feed’ species including new fry, corals and small marines like Blennies, Mandarin fish, Boxfishes, Gobies and others coded SML or TNY.

As well as micro freshwater fish such as Galaxy Rasbora, Maculate Rasbora, Emerald Eye Rasbora and Emerald Green Rasbora.


Aquarium Industries Frozen Food Range contains the same ingredients that fish and turtles feed on naturally.

They perfectly complement dry foods and will contribute to a balanced diet which keeps fish healthy. They also contain no preservatives or artificial colours.

Every pack contains useful feeding tips and a detailed list of the contents, so that you can make the right choice for your pet.