Frozen Malawi Cichlid Mix (100g)

Aquarium Industries

Frozen Malawi Cichlid Mix (100g)



Frozen Malawi Cichlid Mix (100g) contains Mysis Shrimp, Spinach, Fish Meat, Krill, Daphnia & Spirulina.

Suitable for Malawi Cichlids as well as a variety of different freshwater species including African Cichlids, South American Cichlids (medium to large), Corydoras Catfish and other Catfish species, Loaches, Botia, Sharks, Silver Dollars and invertebrates including shrimp, crabs and yabbies.


Aquarium Industries Frozen Food Range contains the same ingredients that fish and turtles feed on naturally.

They perfectly complement dry foods and will contribute to a balanced diet which keeps fish healthy. They also contain no preservatives or artificial colours.

Every pack contains useful feeding tips and a detailed list of the contents, so that you can make the right choice for your pet.