Furwear - Massage Brush (Large)


Furwear - Massage Brush (Large)



EVERYDAY GROOMING | For Short Haired Coats


FURWEAR - Massage Brush (Large) keeps your furry friend looking their very best. This multi-functional brush is suitable for large dogs with short-haired coats. By using the rubber pins to massage your pet's skin, it stimulates blood flow and the release of natural oils for a healthy, shiny coat. It also removes loose fur from pets who shed, and desensitises your pet to grooming.


The Furwear Massage Brush can be used on either dry or wet coats. When using dry, the rubber pins massage the skin and stimulate oils, and work as a magnet to loose fur. When using wet, it will massage shampoo into the coat and increase the shampoo's effectiveness.

An alternative for pets who need further desensitising to grooming is the Furwear Rubber Brush Glove.