Furwear - Nail Scissors (Extra Small)


Furwear - Nail Scissors (Extra Small)



TRIMMING | For Cats & Small Dogs


FURWEAR - Nail Scissors (Extra Small) keeps your furry friend looking their very best. These extra small nail scissors are suitable for small dogs and cats. The blades are angled and sharp, making it easier for you to get a precise cut. Simply access your pet's nails by gently squeezing their paw pad to spread their digits. It is important to inspect each individual nail before trimming. Make sure you only take off a small fraction of the nail at a time.


While trimming the nail be careful not to cut too deeply into the quick. If you see a small black dot in the centre of the nail, stop trimming. This is the quick, and cutting it will expose the blood vessel and result in bleeding and pain.


Also suitable for puppies, kittens, rabbits, birds, guinea pigs and ferrets. Unsuitable for larger dogs, use Furwear Nail Clippers instead. Oil the blades after using to ensure longevity.